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Διαβούλευση – Public Consultation of the Greek Action Plan for the Open Government Partnership Initiative

Transition to Open Public Administration and Governance, which respects citizens, creates opportunities and brings out the new productive and development forces that the country needs, emerges as a cornerstone for the effective support of economy, social cohesion and development. Under the National Strategy for Open Public Administration and Governance, Greece participates in the International Cooperation Initiative for Open Governance (Open Government Partnership – OGP), which I actively follow, as the national representative (http://www.opengovpartnership.org/countries/greece).
The greek participation to the OGP is sealed with the drafting of the National Action Plan on Open Governance, which reflects our commitments to promote transparency, empower citizens, fight corruption, increase citizen engagement in all public administration levels and use of new technologies in modern governance. Pursuing effective participation of civil society in the process of addressing common challenges and implementation of all commitments undertaken by our country, we start the dialogue and set the new 2-year National Action Plan for Open Governance in public consultation from 6/5 to 26/05/2014.
Dialogue on Open Governance has commenced and it concerns us all! Given the importance of the Open Government Partnership initiative (http://www.opengovpartnership.org/), nationally and internationally, as it constitutes a unique opportunity for international recognition of our country, and at the same time an opportunity to adopt policies that will foster a relationship of trust between citizens and government, I urge you to participate actively in the public online consultation.
We make an open call to each and every one of you, Politicians, Scientists, Professionals, NGOs, Independent Authorities, Local Government, Public Bodies and Private Entities, stressing that it is important to submit suggestions, comments and feedback to opengov.gr so we can all contribute to the effective implementation of the Greek Action Plan which marks the transition to a new, modern and efficient Public Administration and Open Governance in the digital world.
The results of the consultation will be used to finalize the Action Plan, which will be submitted to the International Initiative – OGP in June 2014.
In this great effort, we need your input, suggestions and participation. We want you as companions, to rapidly proceed in the modernization of the state and the administration, based on the principles of transparency, meritocracy, collaboration and accountability. To put into action Open Government, forming a new «social contract» between state and citizen, for the benefit of Growth and Democracy. For the benefit of the Citizens.

The Deputy Minister of Administrative Reform and e-Governance
Evi Christofilopoulou