Open Parliament Commitments

The Hellenic Parliament:
Taking into account the principles of the Initiative on Open Government Partnership (OGP), the Declaration on Parliamentary Openness, the Open Government Guide and its recommendations,
Acknowledging that the Open Government Partnership is an initiative calling for an integrated assessment of technological, institutional-political, legal and social factors, as well as collaboration among different governmental, research and independent bodies, and different Parliament Directorates for the shaping and implementation of commitments,
Recognizing the Right to Information, Access to Information, as well as improvement possibilities regarding the presentation and provision of parliamentary information through the website and the Social Media,
Trusting that enhancement of citizen civic information and awareness can be encouraged and achieved, regardless of age, background and needs, both through providing them with a variety of educational and informative material and via different communication channels,
Expresses its commitment to three basic pillars:
• strengthening Parliamentary Openness, Parliamentary and Legislative Transparency,
• provision and distribution of Open Parliamentary Data, and
• encouragement of Public Participation.
In several cases, and depending on their scope, commitments may correspond to more than one Open Government Principles. Commitments related to the aforementioned pillars aim at: improving the provision and presentation in its entirety of the information uploaded and published both on the Hellenic Parliament website and the “Parliamentary Transparency” section; enabling editing and re-use of parliamentary data; enhancing public participation via traditional communication means, as well as through the use of modern Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).