Commitment 3: Implementation of platform for central distribution of public open data

Public sector open data sets are published on the central portal. There exist also other public sector websites which publish open data.
Commitment description
Within the context of the implementation and operation of the Greek Government G-Cloud Datacenter, a new central site will be implemented for gathering, storing, disposing and searching open data and linked open data. It will consist of the open data portal serving citizens and businesses for data retrieval, the website serving authorized officials in documenting, describing and disposing open data, and a set of specialized tools that through published APIs will deliver all necessary interoperability services for extracting information from systems, devices, applications and third party platforms. Thus the platform will (automatically) collect through standardized processes data generated from the IT systems of public bodies, and will make it available to citizens and businesses.
OGP values
Access to information, Technology & innovation for transparency & accountability
Implementing bodies
Implementation: Ministry of Administrative Reform and e-Governance, Information Society S.A.
The main objective is to create the necessary technical infrastructure for management and publication of linked open data. The platform will provide apart from the websites and, a set of specific tools and APIs to achieve interoperability with different information systems and also for gathering data in order to be published.
Means for implementation
The main instrument for implementing the commitment is the G-Cloud contract, through which the Open Linked Data platform will be implemented.
Milestones — Timescales
The milestones and implementation timescale have as follows:
• Signing of the implementation contract (July 2014),
• Implementation Study completion and commencement of pilot phase of the platform (November 2014),
• Roll-out of the platform with all the available open data sets (June 2015).

  • Best case practices, for the distribution of non-Latin characters linked open data should be taken under consideration, such as the Internationalisation Framework of DBpedia that has been first applied by OKF Greece in the Greek version of DBpedia.

  • The proposed platform, is proposed to be based on open source CKAN platform, which is successfully used for years by the United Kingdom, the USA and the European Union, and also Datatank for the provision of their Linked Open Data.