Enhancing Citizen Participation : Commitment 5: Enhancement of Social Media Policy in the Hellenic Parliament

The existing social media accounts of the Press Office on Twitter and the Hellenic Parliament TV on YouTube present parliamentary work, news and press releases on various events, as well as audiovisual material related to several kinds of productions. The recent launch of a Facebook page addressed to the “Youth Parliament” aims at strengthening young people’s education, awareness and participation, approaching them through communication channels that they are familiar with and use.
Commitment description
Parliament Social Media communication policy enhancement and improvement of its already established social media account e- services are the Hellenic Parliament’s major goals. Regular and organized citizens’ approach and access in terms of information, education and participation is a necessity calling for the Parliament’s integrated communication design.
OGP values
Access to information, technology and innovation for parliamentary transparency, citizen participation
Implementing bodies
Implementation: Hellenic Parliament
Collaboration with other Parliaments of the European Union, as well as other Greek Public Bodies for the provision of technical know-how and the organization of seminars.
The present commitment aims to enhance the role of the three pillars based on Social Media (information, education, participation): (i) by creating a cohesive and systematic communication design among the three social media accounts, and (ii) by linking them with printed and face-to-face information, education and citizen participation.
Milestones – Timescales
The commitment will be implemented internally with the collaboration of different Hellenic Parliament Directorates. If necessary, external bodies or stakeholders will be engaged for the provision of technical know-how and further training.
• Listing of gaps and needs for the enhancement of each social medium at communicative, administrative and technical level.
• Results’ presentation, decision on the communication policy goal and the information to be posted on social media, the use of social media widgets on specific points of the Hellenic Parliament website, as well as that of the Hellenic Parliament Foundation for Parliamentarism and Democracy, for enabling sharing of specific content.
• Establishment and training of content management teams, content uploading and communication with citizens.
• Technical improvements, setting social media widgets, completion of content uploading/posting automation.
• Examination of choice between a Creative Commons or YouTube Standard License in compliance with Open Data general practices and Greek legislation, as well as with the EC Directive on the re-use of Public Sector Information (PSI).