Commitment 3: Coordination and monitoring of Open Government policy

Currently, the Greek public administration does not provide for internal audit units in the various public administration bodies. During the evaluation and re-engineering phase currently undergoing in the public sector, each Ministry will set up an organizational unit for internal audit. In some cases, there will also be a unit for internal affairs. As far as the Ministry of Administrative Reform and e-Governance is concerned, a unit of Transparence, Open Government and Innovation will be set up. These will be responsible for the application and implementation of the national Open Government action plan and policy.
Commitment Description
Enhancing accountability and the fight against corruption directly depend on the strengthening of audit mechanisms in public administration bodies. The Greek government is currently evaluating and re-engineering the organization of all Ministries. In this context, an organizational unit for Internal Audit will be set up in each Ministry. These units will be responsible for aiding and verifying the compliance to the Open Government policy, fundamental principles, as well as successful implementation of the open government projects undertaken by the Ministry.
In the Ministry of Administrative Reform and e-Governance, there will be a unit coordinating and monitoring the implementation of the open government action plan and values on a national level.
OGP Values
Implementing Bodies
Coordinator: Ministry of Administrative Reform and e-Governance. Implementation: All Ministries.
Ensure the proper application of open government action plan, policy and values, through the new units of internal audit.
Means for Implementation
• Adoption of the Presidential Decree on the formation of Transparency, Open Government and Innovation unit in the Ministry of Administrative Reform and e-Governance.
• New Presidential Decrees on the formation of the new internal audit unit in each ministry.

Milestones – Timescales
Activation of new organization structures (end of June 2015).