Integrity and Accountability: Commitment 1: Open invitations for filling posts in the public sector

The majority of executives in the public sector, serving for fixed periods to positions with increased responsibilities (chairmen, CEOs and managers of organizations), are appointed upon decision of the Minister, the Secretary-General or the Mayor. This is a brief procedure which fails to ensure transparency. As a result, it is difficult to ensure effective control by the administration or public awareness. Lately, a small number of openings have been published in the electronic platform
Commitment description
Introduction of an open system in the selection of executives serving for a fixed period of time in positions of responsibility in the public sector. This system will replace the current process of appointments to positions of increased responsibility. The system will include interventions in the following areas:
• Institutional level: Establishment of an open selection process for executives.
• Operational level:
– Proposal for an integrated process, including the selection of members of the Selection Committee, the publication of the call for interest in and the publicity of selection practices. Draft law proposal.
• Technical level:
– Collection and publication of data to the executive job market, as well as the internal job market. It will record all vacancies, the expiration date of the filled posts, the requirements of the post and the supervising entity.
– Extension of the Census database application
OGP values
Implementing bodies
Implementation: Ministry of Administrative Reform and e-Governance (MAREG)
• Ensuring widest possible publicity of the opening.
• Appointment of the members of the Selection Committee, via a transparent and open process.
• Transparent and meritocratic selection process (open invitation, open selection of the members of the selection committee, objective and published evaluation criteria, common and transparent process for application submission, publication of reasoning for the final selection).

Means for implementation
All the necessary regulatory, operational and technical interventions will come from the Ministry of Administrative Reform and e-Governance (MAREG).
Milestones — Timescale
• Regulatory interventions: Completion by the end of March 2015.
• Operational and technical changes: gradually until the end of September 2015. A plan to implement changes will be drafted by the end of 2014, in order to gradually introduce the new system.