Commitment 2: Public administration organizational chart publication

Currently there is no official registry of public administration bodies. This creates problems, including:
• Citizens and businesses have no way to identify the contact details of public administration bodies.
• Inability to combine datasets using different public administration bodies encoding and naming.
• Difficulty in the interoperability of information systems.

Commitment Description
The Greek Government will publicize the organizational structure of all public administration bodies, down and including the head of department level. At each node, there will be information pertaining to contact details and description of responsibilities. The goal is to have the organizational chart accessible publicly, available to everyone, in open and machine-readable format, and updated in real time. This will also act as a registry of all the public administration organizations in Greece.
OGP Values
Access to public information, Accountability
Implementing Bodies
Implementation: Ministry of Administrative Reform and e-Governance, Ministry of Finance. Pertains to all public administration bodies.
Facilitation of citizens and businesses to communicate with public administration bodies, as well as the simplification of interoperability among the IT systems of different public bodies.
Means for implementation
The Ministry of Administrative Reform and e-Governance, together with the Ministry of Finance, will implement the project. Other IT systems of the public administration will be involved: Transparency, the Registry of public administration employees and the taxation information system (TAXIS).
Milestones – Timescales
• Implementation of the IT system which will support the storing, updating and publication of the organization charts (September 2014).
• Creation and update of organizational charts of public administration bodies participating in Transparency (June 2015).
• Creation and update of organizational charts of remaining public administration bodies (December 2015).