Commitment 6: Provision of open data for offshore companies

Each offshore company is controlled and monitored by a specific tax office. Analytical data regarding offshore companies are not published.
Commitment description
The Ministry of Finance will provide the list of all offshore companies registered in Greece in a machine readable form. The information published will contain the following: headquarters address, VAT id number, company name, distinctive title, country, address of offices in Greece, code number, NACE Code. This information will be accessible and updated in monthly basis (at least).
OGP values
Access to information, Accountability
Implementing bodies
Implementation by the Ministry of Finance and more specifically the General Secretariat of Public Revenue and General Secretariat of Information Systems.
Publication of offshore companies’ data aims to reinforce transparency and accountability. Offshore companies data regarding establishment and operation are not available to public. Moreover, the last two years, offshore companies have received negative publicity due to corruption cases and scandals. Publication of this data will substantially support the accountability objective, and will reinforce the official control mechanisms.
Means of Implementation
The commitment will be implemented internally by the Ministry of Finance and does not require changes in the legislation. The data will be published in the governmental sites, with links to the related sites of the Ministry of Finance (,
Milestones — Timescales
The commitment will be completed by the end of October 2014. This includes software implementation for the population of the data sets. After that, the mechanism for publishing the data will be implemented by the end of March 2015.