Commitment 7: Open provision of Public Sector critical data sets

Currently, the following open datasets are provided by the Greek government:
• Taxation data: Currently only statistical data is provided, by the Ministry of Finance – specifically from the websites of the General Secretariat of Public Revenue ( and the General Secretariat of Information systems (
• Co-financed projects (financed both by National and European funds): Analytical information related to the implementation process for the projects of National Strategic Reference Framework is provided through the websites, as well as Data from these sites is not provided in an open data format.
• Commercial data:
o Observatory of tuition fees: Data has been uploaded to the website (, but it is not provided in an open data format.
o Business Registry ( This website provides limited information about the active enterprises in Greece. The available information is not provided in an open data format and includes the following data fields: Company registry id, Company name, distinctive title, VAT number, legal status, registration date, company public documents.
Commitment description
The commitment pertains to the provision of open data sets, for free, related to areas of taxation, trade and public procurement. No legislative act is required. The main restrictions involve the technical implementation and readiness of stakeholders. Those data sets will be available to open and machine – readable formats through the governmental portal
The data sets are:
• Taxation:
o Local tax offices productivity
o Number of tax validations and infringements by geographical breakdown
o Analysis of the central governmental budget by Expense Identification Number
o Statistics on financial crime
o Statistics on individuals and legal entities pertaining to VAT and taxes
• Public Procurement:
o Public procurement data sets from the Central Electronic Public Procurement Registry (
o Data sets on projects financed by the NSRF, from the monitoring information system of the NSRF (
• Commerce:
o Price data from the Observatory of tuition fees ((
o Data from the business registry ((
 For legal entities: VAT Number, Registry id, Company Name, distinctive title, Local business registry Office, Company legal status (active, bankrupt, etc.), headquarters address, postal address, capital allocation, management information, legal representatives, website, e-commerce website.
 Information on the corporate changes: Date and type of change
 Administrative documents: Notices produced by the business registry services
 Private documents: The balance sheets of companies
OGP Values
Access to information

Implementing bodies
• Taxation data: General Secretariat of Public Revenue ( and the General Secretariat of Information systems (GSIS)
• Commercial data and data for public procurement and projects from the Ministry of Development & Competitiveness
Other stakeholders: Ministry of Administrative Reform and e-Governance, Ministry of Finance, General Secretariat of Consumer, General Secretariat of Trade, Central Union of Professional Chambers of Greece, IDIKA SA.

Provide these datasets as open data, to the central portal Data will be in a machine readable (e.g. CSV, XML, RDF) and will be available for reuse without restrictions.

Means of implementation
In all cases, the implementation will be internal with the responsibility of the above implementing bodies.

Milestones — Timescales
• Taxation: Mechanism for data generation preparation (June 2015). Dataset provision (March 2016).
• Public Procurement and NSRF projects:
o Data form of electronic procurement system (June 2015).
o NSRF project data (May 2015).
• Commerce:
o Price data from the Observatory for the tuition fees (December 2014)
o Data from the business registry (January 2015).