Commitment 6: On line provision of Exhibitions

Exhibitions organized by the Parliament and the Foundation are free to public and are presented in an exhibition space of the Foundation and in Parliament premises accessible to people with disabilities.
The exhibitions are transferred in major cities all over Greece in collaboration with local authorities, thus giving the opportunity to local communities to come in contact with cultural and educational goods.
The exhibitions are made public through press releases, free press materials, brochures, the internet and the Parliament television station.
Commitment description
The library and the Hellenic Parliament Foundation for the Parliamentarianism and Democracy organize exhibitions aimed at the study and promotion of the concepts of democracy and parliamentarianism, the search for collective memory and collective identity formation.
Digital platform processing of exhibitions, adopting technologies for virtual visits to the natural exhibit sites, enabling open access to exhibitions via the internet and mobile devices promote citizens’ awareness and understanding of parliamentary function.
The development of an interactive relationship between the Parliament and the citizens, through educational and cultural activities, encourage their involvement in Parliamentary affairs, while enhancing Parliament openness.
OGP values
Access to information, technology and innovation for parliamentary transparency, citizen participation
Implementing bodies
Hellenic Parliament, Foundation for the Parliamentarianism and Democracy
Collaboration with other Parliaments and institutions for protocol standardization and provision of open software
• Broadening the Parliament’s communication policy, offering parliamentary and historical knowledge to all citizens, regardless of educational level, political identity, age, place of residence, language, or other factors of exclusion and limitation.
• Strengthening approach possibilities between citizens and cultural collections.
• Ensuring long-term preservation of collections for exhibitions.
Milestones – Timescales
• Platform adoption for exhibition collections’ digital viewing on the internet that will provide easy access to people with disabilities. Implementation should be based on international standards and protocols, open documented and published interface systems with third-party programs, open communication protocols and open environment for data transfer and exchange with other systems (National Documentation Centre, Europeana).
• Development of applications for specialized services for exhibitions’ virtual tour.
• Development of applications for access to digital exhibitions from mobile phones and other popular mobile platforms.
• Selection of exhibition collections to be transferred to digital platform.
• Examination of the possibility of documentation and presentation of exhibits in multiple languages.
• Digitization of exhibits.
• Identification of copyright for each element to be used in digital exhibition.
• Virtual tour for selected exhibitions.
• Gradual publishing of digital exhibitions online.

  • Reuse of best publishing practices of metadata as RDF triples with proper ontologies and possibly interconnect them with linked data cloud. Like for example the data of Public Library of Veria which are published in LOD Cloud by OKF Greece.