Commitment 5: Provision of open cultural data

Cultural information is excluded from the scope of the law (Law 3448/2006) that defines the re-use of public sector information. Additionally, there are no established procedures regarding publishing relevant information. The adoption of the EU Directive 2013/37/EU (PSI) requires the establishment of new regulatory acts concerning cultural information (Law 3028/2002) and also revision of Law 3448/2006.
Commitment description
The Ministry of Culture and Sports, as well as supervised public bodies, are going to publish cultural data that falls within the definitions of public information of Directive 2013/37/EU. These data sets will be provided for re-use by citizens, academic institutes and enterprises in order to contribute to the development of the national cultural product.
OGP values
Access to information
Implementing bodies
Implementation: Ministry of Culture and Sports in cooperation with the General Secretariat of Culture and the regulated entities of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.
Provide open linked data and more specifically:
• All related information about the location, type, description and operation of museums and cultural organisations,
• the largest part of the cultural monuments of the country.
Means of Implementation
For the implementation of the specific commitment the following prerequisites must be fulfilled:
• Completion of the IT project for the digitalisation and provision of open data regarding the Digital mobile monuments of National Monuments Registry.
• Completion of the archaeological cadastral and implementation of interoperability with the National Monuments Registry.
• Implementation of action plan for the opening of cultural data.
• Cooperation with other bodies and organisation (scientific, local, etc.), regarding interoperability between systems which provide open cultural data and information.
• Establishing standards for opening, interoperability provision and re-use of cultural data.
Milestones – Timescales
• Amendment of the legal framework and more specifically of Law 3448/2006 with the adoption of new regulatory acts. This will lead to further amendments for the sectorial — sectoral legislation (completion by the end of 2015).
• Completion of the National Digital Archaeological Cadastral Registry which will make possible the publication of the cultural data (completion by the end of 2015).
• Implementation of interoperability services for the re-usability of cultural data from third party bodies, academic institutions and individuals. (completion by the end of June 2016).